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Welcome to FITdogs based in Blackpool, where we specialise in Puppy training and Rally Obedience.  

We help you to teach your puppy how to live in our world as they become part of  your family.  

At FITdogs we believe training should be fun for you and your dog, we use kind, motivational, reward based methods,  All our trainers are members of the KCAI Scheme  and adhere to their members code of conduct.

We help your puppy to learn by helping them think for themselves with guidance from you.

We teach your puppy essential skills such as loose lead walking, food manners, good focus (even in distracting environments), to come back when called, how to relax and chill at home, stay and wait (and what the difference is), leave, give and take and much more.  We believe that mental stimulation and play forms an important part of training and we incorporate these activities into our classes.

Our puppy course is held at our Bispham venue and can be tailored to your puppies needs.  

We also offer classes in Rally Obedience, Lifeskills, Kennel Club Good Citizen, Star Classes and Hoopers (all of these classes are also suitable for older dogs).

Here at FITdogs we believe a trained puppy grows up to be a HAPPY dog and a HAPPY dog is a pleasure to live with.

"I tried to teach my dog with books

She gave me only puzzled looks

I tried to teach my dog with words,

They passed her by, oft unheard.

Despairingly I turned aside

 'How shall I teach this dog?' I cried.
Into my hand she put the key

'Come' she said, 'Come play with me'."

Author Anon

KC Code of Practice